BeetleBug is a mid-priced men’s footwear label, created for the modern and forward men of today. The philosophy of BeetleBug is simple yet strong - we create shoes that are trendy, functional, comfortable and affordable. The brand has established a young, energetic and cosmopolitan image since its inception in 2000.

Known for creating quality shoes at affordable prices, BeetleBug has grown to 25 retail outlets across 5 countries. The brand is present in leading retail malls in countries such as UAE, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Mauritius and Singapore.


All BeetleBug footwear are crafted with precision, using only cowhides uppers for all our shoes. Special attention is paid to each part of the production process to ensure that each BeetleBug shoe is fitting, well balanced and comfortable.

One of BeetleBug’s unique features is the special leather treatments by hand e.g. cracked, brushed, antiquated and stained effects. All BeetleBug ranges of shoes are made to achieve maximum comfort and durability. Despite this, we are able to deliver great value to our customers as our shoes are reasonably priced.


BeetleBug believes in keeping up to date with the latest fashion trends.  New designs arrive regularly to present customers with the latest trends in men’s fashion.

BeetleBug carries a wide collection of uniquely designed sandals, sporty sneakers and stylish formal shoes.


BeetleBug believes that luxury does not have to come with a hefty price tag. The brand strives to keep all its products affordable to its customers.  


BeetleBug is reliable and offers trust to all internal and external stakeholders. The brand encourages all men to be comfortable in their own skin and keeps to its promise of providing quality footwear to enhance the lifestyle of its customers. All feedback received by the company will be looked into and addressed seriously.